After discovering two intramural fibroids with a size of around 9/10 and 7/6 cm, I was very down and hoping for a less invasive treatment. After consulting with many doctors, I came into the contact of Dr. S D Mahapatra who without any hesitation advised me the treatment. Half of my problems really got vanished seeing the confidence and calmness of Dr. S D Mahapatra. Without any second thought, I readily accepted his treatment plans of laparoscopic myomectomy and today I am healthy, fit and fine. Dr. Mahapatra has magical hands, and very confident of his profession. He never lingers any patient and never scares them. Dr. Mahapatra is very soft spoken and very kind while addressing his patients. For me, he is the best gynaecological and laparoscopic surgeon. I fully recommend Dr. S D Mahapatra for all patients who has fibroids or infertility related problems. Patients can consult with Dr. S D Mahapatra without any second thought or any hesitation.